Chakor and Suraj’s bond of togetherness in Udaan


Bhaiya ji has kept Suraj as bandhua since 11 days. Suraj’s state is getting worse by hunger and thirst. Chakor is Suraj’s moral support. Suraj feels bad seeing Chakor. Bhaiya ji tries to break down Suraj by asking him to slap Chakor multiple times in order to get food to survive. Bhaiya ji could not break them, and they instead come more closer. Suraj and Chakor’s relation has become stronger.

Chakor is ready to do anything for Suraj. She begs to Bhaiya ji to give food to Suraj. Suraj asks Chakor not to do this. He prefers to die hungry, but not let Chakor fall down in Bhaiya ji’s feet. Bhaiya ji says I m not stone hearted, I have a simple way which does not involve me, just you and Chakor have to do this, no need to apologize to me. He tells Chakor that Suraj will get food when he slaps you. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji what will you get if I slap Chakor, kill me, but end this drama.

Chakor does not deter. She says slap me, else Bhaiya ji will trouble you more. She is fed up seeing the tortures and is helplessly bearing all this. She asks Suraj to slap her and fulfill Bhaiya ji’s condition soon, so that he can get food.

Suraj understood that death in love is better than humiliated life. Suraj raises hand, but holds Chakor’s face with love. He does not slap Chakor and throws the food. He refuses to accept the food for which he has to slap Chakor and insult her. He asks Bhaiya ji to keep him hungry for 100 days, even then he won’t slap Chakor. Chakor sees Suraj’s love surfacing. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to stay hungry and die. Suraj and Chakor are very much together and rocking even in tough times. Suraj tells Chakor that his body is his strength, she is his strength. Chakor gets touched by Suraj’s words.


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