Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Swabhimaan: Meghna and Naina make delicious food for the first rasoi rasam. The food presentation is good. Dada ji wants to judge food by the taste. He gives them full marks in food’s presentation and taste. Meghna makes the kheer. Dada ji likes it a lot and says Meghna is topper in even cooking. Kunal gets happy seeing Meghna getting good compliments.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori is upset that she is not able to give heir to Bhanushali family. She takes Parth to a temple and explains him about surrogacy. Parth and Shorvori get a hope and think to opt for surrogacy to get their own child. Teni comes there and soon their lives will get connected.

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Devanshi will be exposing Kusum Sundari for all her crimes. Geeta finds out that Kusum’s miracles are not of any Mata, but its all done by using magical products. Geeta informs Devanshi that Kusum is a fake Goddess and she is involved with Mohan in all the crimes.

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Bhaiya ji has kept Suraj as bandhua since 11 days. Suraj’s state is getting worse by hunger and thirst. Chakor is Suraj’s moral support. Suraj feels bad seeing Chakor. Bhaiya ji tries to break down Suraj by asking him to slap Chakor multiple times in order to get food to survive. Bhaiya ji could not break them, and they instead come more closer. Suraj and Chakor’s relation has become stronger.


Soumya meets Kareena. Kareena is taking revenge from Soumya for her mum’s death. Soumya went to help Kareena’s mum, but Kareena is not aware of this. Kareena played this trick to expose Soumya’s kinner truth in the society. She wants the pind to know the news. Soumya meets Kareena and asks her not to do this. Kareena keeps condition and asks Soumya to return to kinner world, and become Tarana. She asks Soumya to forget Harman forever. On the other hand, Harman’s friend likes Surbhi and asks Harman to get Surbhi married to him. Harman angrily slaps his friend. His friend asks Harman what is his relation with Surbhi that he reacted this way. Harman shouts that he has a relation with Surbhi, which surprises Soumya and Surbhi.

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