Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush and Roshni are on their honeymoon. Vaidehi changes her looks and name, and called Piyush to Lonavla by an excuse. Piyush feels Vaidehi has got him here and maybe she is here. Piyush got Roshni to celebrate valentines. He sees Vaidehi everywhere. He is happy seeing Vaidehi. Roshni is glad that Piyush is spending time with her. Piyush tries to find Vaidehi. Vaidehi sends a bouquet for Piyush. Piyush gets restless after getting the bouquet.


Preeto goes to check Harman’s room. Surbhi wakes up and sees Preeto. She gets alert and wakes up Harman. Harman asks what happened, can’t I sleep in some peace. Surbhi says Preeto is outside. She tells Harman that Preeto wants to know their relation truth.


Harman and Surbhi sleep separately. Harman does not care if Preeto knows anything. He opens door and finds Preeto there. He asks her not to break his privacy. He tells Preeto that its his life and he will decide about it, she should not interfere in his life. He scolds Preeto and asks her to go and sleep. He sends Preeto.

Naagin 2:

Rudra fools Yamini about the Naagmani and gets her to the temple. Yamini gets happy seeing Naagmani. She says Avantika and Sesha feel I m a fool and make plans against me, but I will show them who is the real player of this game, I m not a fool as those animals think. Yamini gets shocked seeing Rudra in Naag avatar there. She says so you are the Naag, but you can’t do anything, you can’t kill me, you will get burnt if you touch me.


Kunal and Meghna have candle light romance. Kunal is attempting to please Meghna. Meghna is staying upset while having worry for Naina. Kunal meets Meghna at her mum’s house. Meghna’s relatives does not let Kunal go and talk a lot. Kunal gets bored with them. The power goes. Kunal finds a chance to escape and goes to look for Meghna. Kunal expresses his love and hugs Meghna. Kunal gives her a surprise. Meghna lights a candle. Kunal makes the moment romantic. She apologizes to him and is glad that Kunal came to meet her here in her Maayka house.


Suraj and Chakor have a dance to celebrate their victory and happiness. Finally, Suraj has won the food for his survival. Suraj invites Chakor for dinner with love. He asks her will she have dinner with him in this five-star restaurant. They find happiness in the stinking stable. Chakor holds his hand and accepts his dinner invitation. Suraj and Chakor feed the food to each other. They are very happy to make Bhaiya ji lose.


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