High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raja and Naina walk on the beach. Raja recalls his moments with Rani. He sees Rani in Naina, while Naina has no idea about Raja’s immense love. Naina started feeling for Raja. Laila is in love with Raja. Laila gets drunk and Raja handles her. Naina gets jealous seeing them together.

Meri Durga:


Yashpal does not find Durga at home. Yashpal and everyone look out for Durga. Durga returns home and is confident to pass the entrance test. Durga qualifies for the admission. The coaching centre guy demands 10000 rupees which shocks Yashpal. The man clears out that 550 rupees were just for form, not for admission. Amrita and Shilpa head to the market. Shilpa leaves Amrita alone. Amrita gets a panic attack after seeing the crowd. She starts running from the market and bumps into Rishi. She feels better seeing Rishi. Yashpal and Durga get saddened and leave from coaching centre. Yahpal is humiliated by the guy there. A peon meets Yashpal and asks him to meet him for some suggestion to work out Durga’s studies.


Chakor tries to make Suraj realize his mistake, but he gets angry. Suraj does not understand why he should apologize to villagers. Chakor and Suraj light some fire inside the well to survive in cold. Vivaan gets angry on Tejaswini and scolds her for ruining his life and future by giving him drugs. He asks her why did she take revenge. Tejaswini apologizes to Vivaan and realizes the mistake she did. Vivaan angrily goes to kill Tejaswini. Imli comes there and stops Vivaan. Imli gets Vivaan back to his senses. Vivaan then gets to know about Chakor and Suraj’s fall inside the well. Vivaan helps Chakor and Suraj, and gets them out of the well.

Mere Angne Mein:

Nandu becomes a Bhojpuri movie star and achieves success. Nandu gets name and fame. Preeti gets surprised with Nandu. Preeti is happy seeing Nandu’s movie shooting. Preeti wants to turn rich soon.

Badho Bahu:

Police arrests Badho/Komal and Lucky and handcuffs them. Lucky clears the misunderstanding and wants to get free, but constable loses the key. Badho and Lucky are handcuffed. They attend a valentines party. They are tied to each other and have to be together. Lucky does not want to be with Badho. Lucky is helpless to celebrate valentines with Badho. Badho is happy that Lucky is with her on valentines.

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