Roopa tries to win Chandra’s interest in Chandra Nandni


Roopa is Nandini’s twin sister. She is playing games with Chandra. He does not know he is staying with Roopa. Chandra and Nandini are getting friendly after they stay away in ashram as commoners. Nandini does not get sleep and is troubled by mosquitoes. Chandra asks her what’s happening. Nandini tells him that mosquitoes are biting her. Chandra makes smoke to make the mosquitoes away and tells her to sleep now, as this is the cure for mosquitoes. Chandra sees Nandini sleeping peacefully and smiles.

Chandra goes out and till he returns, Roopa takes Nandini’s place. Roopa tries to get Chandra’s attention. She hugs Chandra, which shocks him. He wonders why is Nandini behaving so cheap. Roopa tries using her beauty and win his love. Roopa is in love with Chandra. She wants Chandra to be always with her. She makes excuses to have him by her side.



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