Shivay troubled by Anika’s memory loss in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets friendly with Tia. Anika praises Tia. She tells Tia that just Tia is dear to her right now. She shares things with Tia about Shivay threatening her and forcing her to stay in his room. Tia is lost in thoughts. Tia misses Dushyant and sits thinking of him. Tia has his memories and feels lonely to live without him. Tia speaks out her loneliness in front of Anika. Anika tries to know about Tia’s locket. Tia confides that Dushyant was dear to her and now she is unable to forget him. Tia tells Anika that she just has Dushyant’s memories with her. Anika understands Tia’s love relation with Dushyant.

Anika finds Dadi’s teachings true and turns into a dutiful wife. She takes the sindoor and mangalsutra, asking Shivay to fill sindoor in her Maang, and putting mangasutra in her neck. Shivay goes through the marriage flashes. He fills sindoor in her maang, and also ties mangalsutra in her neck. Anika and Shivay have a romantic moment. He tries to make her recall everything. Anika does not recollect the past and tensely goes off.

Shivay threatens her and asks her to sleep in his room, and on their bed. Anika gets hesitant and makes many excuses. He makes a fake story of their past and scares her to sleep on the bed. Anika sleeps on the ground after he falls asleep. Shivay finds her and gets love for her in his heart. She appears very innocent to him. She acts as a good wife and expresses much care for him. He finds it going over the head and wishes she gets her memory soon.


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