TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita hires a Nanny for Pihu. The lady troubles Pihu. Ishita makes a plan knowing this, and records the video of Nanny troubling Pihu. She scolds Nanny for behaving badly with kids, this is why people lose trust on others. Ishita calls police and gets the Nanny arrested. Nanny tells Ishita that Pihu is a spoilt brat and she would be better away from Pihu.

Naagin 2:

Rudra and Shivangi do not succeed to kill Yamini. Sesha and Avantika find Yamini at the cliff in nick of the time, and save Yamini from Rudra. Yamini was annoyed with them and did not know Vikram is alive. Now the evil ladies will face Vikram.


Shivay is doing a lot of things to get Anika’s memory back. He gets a cow and cow dung at home, to make Anika recall how she has thrown the cow dung at his car. Anika does not recall anything and instead criticizes his dirty move. Shivay gets angry knowing all his efforts failed.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Aryan and Sanchi are trying to expose Nikita. Sanchi has taken Malvika’s avatar. Aryan tells Sanchi that he has added chemical in water, by what the color will disappear on its own. Neelima Kaki asks Sanchi to go to Maasa and help her. She thanks Sanchi for giving her a chance to do all this.


Kusum Sundari gets blackmailed by Sarla. Geeta tells Kusum’s truth to Sarla, which makes the latter get the game in her hands. Kusum gets ready to give Sarla anything she asks for. Sarla asks for a stay in Kusum’s palace. Sarla and Sakshi move to stay with Kusum. Sarla tries to take Devanshi on her side, so that Devanshi does not dig up Kusum’s truth. Devanshi does not agree to Sarla. Sakshi and Devanshi join hands with Vardaan to find the real Soundarya Chatterjee, who is the mastermind of all crimes. Devanshi is going to expose Kusum Sundari.


Avni keeps an eye on Dayavanti and gets to know that Dayavanti is seeing Aisha everywhere. Avni gets a desire to see Aisha. Avni eats the same medicines and fears to lose Aisha forever. She sees Aisha and gets happy. She sees Aisha going away and runs to hug her. Aisha encourages Avni to be strong in the life’s long journey. Aisha asks Avni never to lose hope, as good and bad times are part of life.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Yusuf finds out that Siddhant has gone to the hotel to meet Nazneen. Yusuf informs Lala about the same. Lala tells Yusuf that Siddhant has well informed him before leaving. Lala does not doubt on Siddhant. Yusuf heads to the hotel to kill Siddhant and Nazneen. Siddhant plans to return to home country.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi and Kaka succeed to overpower Kamini’s evil powers. Kamini gets healed after getting in contact with a spiritual thread kept by Santoshi. Kamini loses all the evil powers and also stops worshipping Devi Paulmi. Trishna and Dhairya plan to go out and spend some time. Kamini stops them and tells them not to stay out of home together, till they get married. Trishna gets puzzled as Kamini has suggested her to take Dhairya on trip. Trishna plans a romantic date for Dhairya at home.


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