Kidnapping, evil plotting and troubles lined in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Baby and Dadi join hands to kidnap Suhani. Before they could succeed, Suhani gets kidnapped by the goons who demand a ransom. Baby replaces the money notes with junk papers. Yuvraaj unknowingly takes the junk papers bag and hands over to kidnappers to get Suhani released. The kidnappers find out papers in bag. They angrily try to harm Suhani. Yuvraaj, Saiyyam and Yuvaan get together to save Suhani, while Baby asks Dadi to send police at the address. Baby wants the kidnappers to kill Suhani. Even Dadi wishes the same. Dadi calls police and sends them to the kidnapper’s den. Yuvraaj, Saiyyam and Yuvaan succeed to save Suhani. Dadi’s plan backfires.

Baby was hoping to provoke the kidnappers, but loses out. Yuvraaj brings Suhani home. Dadi gets angry seeing Amma Mai/Suhani with Suresh/Yuvraaj. She finds another way to get rid of Amma Mai, assuming Amma Mai is spoiling Birla family name by having an affair with Suresh. Dadi wants to make sure that this time Amma Mai dies.


Dadi plans her birthday celebrations. She asks everyone to wear saree. Krishna does not know wearing the saree. Saiyyam helps Krishna in draping her saree. Baby and Dadi conspire to harm Suhani’s face. Baby spikes the cake and is upto her evil plan again. Yuvaan gets mesmerized seeing Krishna. He tries to impress Krishna in the party. Dadi hates Krishna, assuming her to be Amma Mai and Suresh’s illegitimate child. Baby takes the spiked cake to feed Suhani. Will Baby and Dadi succeed to harm Suhani? Keep reading.