Gaura celebrates her triple win in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gaura is very happy that her plan succeeded. She sings and plays dhol to thank Ambe Maa. She says my devotion on Maa got higher, I took revenge form Kokila and her two grand daughters. She thanks Maa to help her in motives. She prays that no one stands against her. She sings out all her crimes how she has sent Kokila to jail, made Meera leave from home and send Vidya to jail.

Dharam and Shravan come there. Gaura sees them and starts acting. She prays for her family and asks Ambe Maa to end her house sorrow and sadness. Dharam consoles her. Gaura says I can’t see children like this, I was praying Meera comes back home and Vidya gets free from jail. Dharam tells her that they are trying a lot. Gaura wants to get Dharam back in her control. Keep reading.


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