Gulabo and Niddhi to get even in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shocking twist in YHM

Poonam is troubling Pihu and pulls her ears. Poonam threatens Pihu not to tell anything to Ishita. Pihu does not like her. Poonam scolds Pihu for taking Ishi Maa’s name. Raman sees Poonam hurting Pihu and rushes to stop her. He scolds Poonam and hugs Pihu. He asks Poonam to get lost. Raman is Pihu’s superman and comes in right time. He warns Poonam to stay away. Poonam calls security and says you stopped Raman from meeting Pihu, see he has come again.

She sends Pihu away and threatens Raman. She says you know what happens when a woman shouts. Raman leaves from there. Poonam thinks she has scared Raman and won. Mrs. Bhalla calls Raman and hears some lady in background. She actually hears Raman who talks as Gulabo. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she has given freedom to Raman and now he is with someone else. Mrs. Bhalla wants to spy and find out who is with Raman. Mani meets Gulabo and does not figure out that its Raman, as he is lost in his own world. Mani is tensed about Niddhi’s threatening. Raman will now tackle Niddhi in his new avatar. Keep reading.


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