Gulabo-Raman to win hearts in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman gets dressed as Gulabo and heads to Bhalla house to meet Ishita on time. He knows many applicants would have come for interview and rushes. Raman hires an auto to reach the house. The auto driver eyes Gulabo and hits auto to the tree.

Raman pays the man and looks for any other auto. Raman reaches the main gate and collides with Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla asks her who is she. He does not identify Raman. Raman gets relieved. Raman tells him that he has come to get governess job. Till Raman reaches for interview, Shagun chooses the other lady Poonam and finds her perfect to teach Pihu. Raman gets worried by losing the chance to be with Pihu. Pihu likes Gulabo and asks about her. Gulabo’s dressing and look catches everyone’s attention. He manages to create his different identity in front of family.

Ishita tells Pihu that’s Gulabo aunty, but Shagun has hired someone else, even I liked Gulabo. Raman loses hope. Very soon, Poonam will be showing true colors and get fired from the job. Poonam beats Pihu. Pihu does not like her and smartly record her bad behavior. Police arrests Poonam. Raman gets joining as governess. Raman teaches Pihu and is glad to be with her. Pihu likes spending time with him. Mani does not know Raman has turned into Gulabo. Mani is stopping Raman from meeting Pihu, because of Niddhi. Raman will spread new colors in everyone’s life by his Gulabo avatar. Raman will also find a solution to end Mani’s problems. Keep reading.


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