Omkara and Gauri’s love story kick-starts in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri cheers up a handicapped boy and dances with the kids. Kaali asks Omkara to pay thrice the amount to get the land, as the land is named after him and his two brothers. Omkara signs the cheque and pays Kaali. Kaali finds the advance amount less. Omkara tells him that he will pay once he gets the land in hand. He asks Kaali to evacuate the land. Kaali sells the land to Omkara and asks him not to cheat him in business. He warns Omkara. Omkara tells Kaali that he is born with courage, which is actually needed much more than a pistol in hand. He demands the land deal to be done the same day. Kaali likes Omkara’s attitude.

Kaali sends Gauri’s aunt to blackmail Gauri by using Gauri’s sick mother. Gauri runs in a typical filmi way to save her mother from getting hit by the passing vehicles. Gauri’s mother gets hit and faints. Gauri begs to the commuters to seek help. When none helps Gauri, Gauri shows courage and lifts her mother on her back, crossing all the journey to the hospital alone. She admits her mother and sends her for immediate treatment. Gauri argues with her aunt. Her aunt reminds Gauri that her mother is just her step mother, and Gauri is an orphan. Charming Gauri is seen in an emotional weak state. Gauri loves her step mother, who raised her. Aunt asks Gauri to manage the hospital expenses alone.

Gauri does not have money to pay for medical expenses. She borrows some time from the doctor and asks him to start the treatment. Gauri’s financial difficulties and a troubling aunt scenario is very much similar to Anika’s background.

The aunt informs Kaali that Gauri’s mother survived. Kaali asks her to keep hitting to kill Gauri’s mother. Kaali lays the trap to make Gauri helpless and left with only option to marry him. Omkara gets the land evacuated, which becomes a big troubling factor for Gauri. Omkara and Gauri’s love story and scenes remind of Shivay and Anika’s initial scenes of Ishqbaaz. Keep reading.


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