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Kasam:Rishi and Tanuja have come back to Bedi house. Tanuja dreams of Rishi and romances. Rishi and Tanuja have a SRK Kajol’s starrer DDLJ style filmi romance. Tanuja expresses her love to Rishi in the dream sequence. Rishi also dreams about Tanuja after seeing her photo. Rishi dances with Tanuja. Rishi and Tanuja confess love to each other.


Maya and Arjun are happily married now. Arjun and Maya did not get a chance to celebrate after the tensed marriage situation. Saanjh gives them a surprise party. She calls Arjun and Maya home and surprises them. Saanjh decorates the house nicely. Maya thanks Saanjh and Ayaan. Saanjh brings a special cake for the couple. Maya cries and tells Saanjh that she did not realize the happiness shared in a family till now. Arjun wipes her tears.


The show takes a short leap. Raghav has turned into an angry young man. He has changed completely as Naina has hurt him a lot. Raghav is heartbroken. Raghav lands in India. Naina is sent by her office to receive Raghav. Raghav looks for the person who has come to receive him. Naina comes to the airport to pick him. Raghav and Naina look for each other unknowingly.


Anika asks Shivay to marry Tia, as Tia is bearing his child. Shivay loves Anika. He asks does she not feel anything, no emotions…. He asks her to recall their relation. He asks if she will not care if he marries Tia. Anika says it won’t make any difference to me, you should marry Tia. Anika asks him when there are no feelings between them, why is she in his life. She asks Shivay to answer her questions.


Bhaiya ji announces Dangal between Suraj and Vivaan. Suraj keeps the condition that if he wins, then Vivaan will not support Bhaiya ji. Suraj and Vivaan have a fight in front of the villagers. Chakor asks Suraj to throw Vivaan out of the round. She encourages him to win.

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