Kaali Thakur to hunt for Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali Thakur forces Gauri to marry him and his brothers. Gauri opposes the marriage and tries to run away. Kaali Thakur threatens of killing her mother and stops her. Kaali Thakur who has chained Gauri, drags her to the mandap and asks pandit to start the mantras. Gauri wishes for some miracle to happen and stop the ugly situation. Omkara forgets his car keys and heads back to haveli. Omkara gets the keys and do not step inside, to avoid meeting Gauri.

Gauri’s little friends save her mother from the greedy relatives. They send her mother away. Nahar meets Gauri by taking Kaali Thakur’s permission. He informs Gauri that her mother is absolutely fine and helps her in running away from the haveli. Gauri tries hard to cut the chains and succeeds. Kaali Thakur comes in her way to stop her. He hurts Nahar. Seeing that, Gauri angrily injures Kaali Thakur. Gauri and Nahar run away from Kaali Thakur’s haveli. Nahar gives her the train ticket and asks her to board the train as soon as possible.

Gauri reaches the train station. Gauri hides from Kaali Thakur’s men. Gauri and Omkara boards the train. Jhanvi Thakurain dies in the hospital. Kaali Thakur tells police to find Gauri and punish her for Jhanvi Thakurain’s murder. Kaali Thakur frames Gauri and wants to seek revenge.

On the other hand, Rudra and Soumya’s chapter begins again in Dil Boley Oberoi. A psycho girl boards the flight, where the royal mid-air engagement of Nandini and Aditya is going to happen. Rudra and Soumya are invited by common friend to become part of the engagement ceremony. They are not aware of each other’s presence. The crazy girl shoots the flight attendant and takes disguise to board the flight, to kill her ex lover Aditya and Nandini. Read more…


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