Know upcoming in Ishqbaaz and Dil Boley Oberoi


Shivay decides to marry Tia, as part of his plan to revive Anika’s memory and also get the evidence of Omkara’s truth from Mrs. Kapoor. Rumi is not related to Kapoors, but is equally involved in all their crimes to ruin the Oberois. Rumi had a common revenge motive from Shivay and Anika. Rumi is related to Robin.

Rumi gets to know Tia has accidentally killed Dushyant/Robin, while hiding him from Anika. Shivay makes Anika jealous by expressing love to Tia. Rumi gets the memory chip in which Robin’s death truth is evident enough. The twist will be shocking, that Robin is alive. Rumi plans to give the chip to Shivay so that truth can come out. Mrs. Kapoor finds out Rumi going against them and kills Rumi.

Dil Bole Oberoi will be seeing a big twist of Omkara and Gauri’s marriage. Little Nahar talks to Gauri in time. Gauri asks his help to free her mum. Kaali Thakur catches Gauri and does not let her run away. Gauri is chained and finds hard to get free. Nahar helps Gauri. Gauri tries to cut the gold chains, while Nahar stops Kaali Thakur from reaching Gauri. Gauri gets free by cutting the chains and also injures Kaali Thakur. She manages to run away from Kaali Thakur’s haveli.

Rudra has to attend his childhood friend’s marriage. Rudra meets Soumya on board. A psycho girl on flight shoots a fight attendant and creates chaos. The flight gets hijacked. Soumya risks her life to save Rudra from the mad shooter. Rudra rejects Soumya’s love once again.

Gauri meets Omkara. Omkara realizes the truth of Kaali Thakur forcefully marrying Gauri. Omkara and Kaali Thakur get into a fight. Gauri saves Omkara’s life from Kaali Thakur. The villagers defame Gauri and point fingers at her character. Omkara protects Gauri’s respect and marries her.


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