Raman falls in suspicion by Gulabo’s act in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla come office and get shocked seeing pink bangles in Raman’s drawer. Raman comes there. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita catch Raman and ask him about the bangles. Raman tries to make excuses. Raman hides that he is Gulabo. He asks them not to doubt on him. Romi comes and helps out Raman, saying all the accessories are of the secretary. Mrs. Bhalla doubts that Raman has an affair. She wants to know whom is Raman dating.

Raman is not able to clarify well. Romi’s idea saves Raman. Romi clears everything. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry I had doubted on Raman. Ishita is annoyed with Raman. Raman takes Ishita for lunch and they spend some good time. Raman gets busy with Ishita, and Gulabo could not reach Shagun’s home to look after Pihu. Shagun calls Ishita and tells her about Gulabo’s absence. Raman worries and thinks how to keep up both his roles balanced.



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