Dev and Sonakshi’s misunderstandings get cleared in Kuch Rang…


Dev and Sonakshi are at loggerheads. She scolds him and asks him not to ruin Suhana’s life, as she is her daughter. She tells Dev that Suhana has no place in her life. They are arguing for Suhana.

Dev says Suhana is my daughter too, how did you not tell me and take her to Kolkata, you did not think that maybe I will forget everything seeing Suhana, everything could have become fine. Dev is annoyed with Sonakshi for hiding his truth till now.

Dev asks how can she be heartless to make a daughter away from a father. She asks am I heartless, do you know truth, I tried to make you meet Suhana, when she was six months old, much happened with me in that house, I forgot my ego and hatred and came to your house, I did not wish our daughter to bear the bitterness between us, I wanted her to know you and love you, I wanted her to get our love equally, that you hold your hand when she starts walking. They solve some misunderstandings, but things won’t get away so easily. Sonakshi tells Dev how her attempt to unite him and their daughter failed and why.


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