High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita and Mani plan for a dinner to surprise Gulabo and her husband. Ishita gets hurt while doing arrangements. Raman as Gulabo does massage to her feet and relieves her pain. Niddhi tells Shagun that they can’t depend on servants, as many bad stories are coming in newspapers. She asks Shagun not to trust Gulabo, who can rob the house. She fills Shagun’s ears against Gulabo. She asks Shagun why is Gulabo being so sweet, and makes Shagun develop a doubt over Gulabo. Niddhi is troubled by Gulabo, who failed her plans before.


Rangeela dances on Veer’s saying. Veer insults Rangeela and commands him to dance, to prove to Shivani that Rangeela is nothing but his Ghulaam. Shivani gets saddened. Veer says you danced same way like you used to dance in childhood. Rangeela is tortured again. Veer makes fun of Rangeela’s mother who went mad. He pays the money to Rangeela.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Laila blames Naina in the party and scolds her for having bad character. Raja shouts on Laila and asks what is she saying, how can she have such filth in mind against innocent Naina. Raja beats up the reporter who taunted Naina. He gets provoked by Laila. Media Reporter asks Raja who will marry such ill character girl. Laila says no one will support Naina now. Raja gets thinking and takes a big step.


Imli and Vivaan argue. He asks Imli to talk to him with manners. Imli’s trust is breaking. Their love is getting weak. Vivaan explains Imli that he just manages Bhaiya ji’s accounts, he does not know anything about Bhaiya ji troubling Kasturi. Imli gets angry on Vivaan, knowing Bhaiya ji got Kasturi killed by the bomb. She feels Vivaan and Bhaiya ji have done this together.


Police comes to arrest Jhanvi again. Police has doubt on Arjun and Maya also. Jhanvi gets scared seeing police and hides behind Maya. Inspector asks Jhanvi to get ready. Jhanvi refuses to go with police. He says everyone’s number will come some day, but today its your turn. He shows the handcuffs and asks her how long will she sit at home after sending Ashwin to heaven. He has arrest warrant against Jhanvi.


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