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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita is seen frustrated about Raman, who is ignoring her. Raman as Gulabo tells Ishita that she has dreamt of Ishita having dinner with Raman. Ishita laughs and says even if Raman takes me for dinner, there will be something happening that dinner won’t get complete. She asks Gulabo how can she dream about her and Raman. Raman says I have seen time also, Raman will call you and invite you for dinner. Ishita asks did you see time also, we will see if your dream is true or not.


Suraj got his freedom after winning Bhaiya ji’s bet. Bhaiya ji releases Suraj by removing all the chains. He asks Suraj to leave from the haveli. The kids dance and play dumroo. Chakor and Suraj are happy and leave for village, Tejaswini waits for Suraj and stands with aarti plate in hand. Kasturi and Bhuvan say Suraj will be coming any time now.

Veer threatens Shivani and asks her to sleep on the bed. Shivani is tortured. Shivani says Veer has put me in bathtub, but I m not scared. Rangeela sees Shivani shivering in water and gets Shivani out of bathtub. Shivani says I will never sleep on this bed. She is against Veer. Veer challenges Shivani that she will herself sleep on the bed within three days, else he will shoot himself. Veer swears on his mum and is ready to do anything to fail Shivani.


Devanshi has to sing a bhajan in temple. The man gives her a paper asking her to read and tell everyone about Devanshi. She gets shocked reading Devanshi is unlucky for villagers, and she is like Daayan. She gets much hurt and cries. Kusum Sundari orders her to read what’s written in the paper. Vardaan does not let her read anything against Devanshi. Devanshi and Sakshi got the name tattoos made on their hands. Sakshi has Devanshi’s name written on her. Everyone think Sakshi is Devanshi. Kusum’s men catch Sakshi and tie her to the tree.


Meghna is bringing changes in Chauhan family. Meghna serves food to everyone. Kunal’s dad expresses his wish to dine with Dada ji. Chauhan family gets surprised. No one has thought this will happen. Meghna and Naina are happy. Dada ji tells Meghna that he is giving party for her success, but special guests will be coming to bless them in the party.

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