Jhanvi to know Ashwin’s murderer in Beyhadh


The ghost drama is going on. Jhanvi gets scared and hides in the old factory godown. Arjun, Maya and Saanjh come there to find Jhanvi. Arjun calls Jhanvi and can’t reach here. Maya says we will call police. Jhanvi wants to tell something to Saanjh, but she is scared of Maya and Arjun. She does not want to come in front of Maya. She feels she can confide in Saanjh. Jhanvi got to know that the person’s name who has killed Ashwin.

Arjun stops Maya from calling police. Maya shouts out to her mom and looks around. Maya gets Jhanvi’s earring and says it means Jhanvi is here. Jhanvi gets scared seeing them. They all try to find Jhanvi. Arjun tells Saanjh that they won’t call police, as Jhanvi gets scared seeing that inspector. Saanjh says police can help us, think again. He refuses. Inspector goes to Saanjh’s house and troubles her dad while investigating Ashwin’s murder case.


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