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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:Aryan asks Nikita to give him the revolver. He is ready to help Nikita transform her life. He tells Nikita that he is her friend and will be by her side to support her in starting a new life. He asks Nikita to think of their friendship and accept his request. Nikita does not listen to Aryan and proceeds to kill Sanchi. Aryan comes in front of Sanchi and saves her, while Nikita gets hit by a speeding truck. Aryan wanted to help Nikita. Sakshi cries seeing Nikita.


Chakor plans to break Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s unity. She asks Chagan to instigate Ragini against Bhaiya ji. She asks Imli to inform Bhaiya ji somehow that Kasturi got saved because of Ragini. Imli and Chagan purposely talk about Ragini helping in saving Kasturi’s life. Bhaiya ji gets to hear their conversation and understands that Ragini has sent Chagan to save Kasturi. He gets angry on Ragini and thinks to confront her.


Daksh provokes Shivay by insulting Anika. He asks Shivay to admit that Anika is his mistress, not his wife. Shivay declares Anika as his wife, and admits that he has married Anika by all rituals. He holds Anika’s hand and says Anika is my wife, which surprises Anika.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Sankara tries to harm Tina. Pandey family come to the fair. Sankara knows Tina is scared of giant wheel. She asks Tina to sit in giant wheel to get rid of her fears. Thapki doubts on Sankara’s plan. Sankara is very happy that Bihaan agreed to marry her. She tells everyone that she wants to help Tina. Thapki and Vasundara suspect Sankara to be behind Tina’s decision to make Sankara her mother.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja and Naina have come on their honeymoon. Raja is influenced by Naina’s cheerful and positive side. Naina fills life in Raja too. Naina imagines a romantic moment with Raja. Raja drives the car. Naina gets scared seeing the truck coming from other way. She hugs Raja. He takes a turn and worriedly parks the car aside. Naina and Raja get close. They then see the smoke out of car engine. Raja asks her not to worry and takes her to the hotel.


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