Manish to hide Akshara’s accident truth in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira’s pre-wedding rituals go on. Aditya gets angered seeing Kirti performing a ritual. Naksh tries to defend Kirti. Aditya scolds Naksh. Aditya does not allow Kirti to do any ritual. Naitik blesses Kirti and realizes her dilemma. Kirti does the ritual. Naira is made to do the pre-wedding rituals. She feels she is going away from family and does not want to do any ritual. Elders insist and want to live every moment with Naira. Kartik too does the rituals before stepping in new life. He promises Naitik that he will always love Naira till his last breath.

Naira tells her family that she will always stay in their hearts, and value both families equally. Manish and Akhilesh have a talk about lying to Naira. Manish made Akhilesh lie to secure Kartik’s happiness. Akhilesh tells Naira about Kartik’s mum’s death, and why he blames Manish and Suwarna for it. He says Kartik was very upset and was missing his mum, he felt you are going through same state and missing your mum, but I stopped him from meeting you after haldi rituals. Akhilesh lightens his heart by apologizing to Naira. He regards Naira as Mansi, but does not want to ruin her peace and happiness.

Akhilesh blesses Naira. Naira gets emotional by Akhilesh’s words. Manish feels bad as Kartik is blaming him for the mistake he did not do. Kartik is surprised that Naira has understood him and made him guilt free. Manish asks Akhilesh not to make any mistake. He does not want to see Kartik sad. Manish wishes Akshara’s accident never happened. Naitik and Naksh come to Manish and apologize if anything goes wrong. Manish blesses Naksh. Akhilesh tells them that children’s happiness matters to them. Naira thinks which bridal dress to wear. Naira is asked by elders to decide well, and think about both families while taking a decision.


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