Veer and Armaan to seek Raghav’s property share in Pardes


Armaan blackmails Raghav about Ira. Veer and Armaan are together to threaten Raghav and seek his property share. Armaan keeps a condition, asking Raghav to give half of his business shares. Naina makes a plan to reach Raghav and find out the proof he is hiding. She makes work excuse and takes along Pandey to Raghav’s house. Raghav asks Armaan to give the proof as he has kept his promise. Armaan asks Raghav to think well. Raghav signs the papers and gives half of his business shares to Armaan. Armaan asks Raghav to read the papers well. Sudha stops Naina from meeting Raghav.

Raghav gets surprised seeing all his employees at home. Naina makes excuse and sticks to him to work at his house. Raghav understands its Naina’s idea to come home for work. Naina thinks Armaan is clever and might have having a deal with Raghav. Ira insults Naina. Naina does not stop from her work. She goes after Armaan to find the truth. Raghav asks Armaan not to tell anyone about the MMS. Naina sees Raghav with the pendrive. Naina takes the USB from Raghav to know the evidence that would help Zeenu in getting justice in the accident case.


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