Kokila, Gopi and Jaggi team up in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi slaps Ricky when he shows disrespect for Ahem. He gets wine and cigarettes when Ahem’s birthday is celebrated. Gopi keeps garlands on Ahem’s photo. Ricky points finger at Gopi and Jaggi’s relation. A puja is kept at home. Ricky lights his cigarette by the havan fire. He calls the family hilarious to give him many funny surprises. He asks Jaggi if he is Gopi’s husband, it means she does not miss Ahem. Jaggi throws water on his face and says you are talking about your mom, and Ahem was your dad.

Gopi challenges Ricky that she will change him in 30 days, and make him part of Modi family. Jaggi is sure that Gopi will win. Ricky asks Gopi to let him go back to Singapore. Gopi does not listen and kept all his money and property. She asks him to give 30 days to them, and if she fails in challenge, he can go back to Singapore. Ricky did not stay with Modis and did not get any values from the family. Kokila always had the responsibility to change children towards good. She will be supporting Gopi. There will be change seen in Ricky soon. Kokila will explain him importance of family and relations.


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