Kusum to honour Devanshi unwillingly


Devanshi opposes Vardaan’s step to get gifts at home. Sakshi is very happy and praises Vardaan. Devanshi has self-esteem and asks Vardaan to take back everything. Sakshi asks Devanshi why are you refusing to Vardaan, he got all this for us. She does not let the people take the electronics. Devanshi stops Sakshi and asks the men to take the gifts back.

Devanshi does not like Vardaan enjoying on Kusum’s money and not having any self-respect. She wants Vardaan to earn money and get gifts for Sakshi. She challenges Vardaan to work hard, earn money and get anything he wants. Vardaan participates in a competition to win prize money of 50000 rupees.

On the other hand, Kusum is angry seeing Devanshi winning the Matki breaking competition. Devanshi took the permission from Kusum that girls will also participate in the competition. Kusum asks the girls to come ahead and compete. She acts to promote the girls. She unwillingly faces Devanshi. Her plan backfires when Devanshi breaks the Matki. Kusum gets upset and gives the prize to Devanshi. Kusum’s ego gets hit by Devanshi. Dahi Haandi festival will be seen along with Holi in the show.


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