Vividha shatters by huge revelation in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Ravish tries to stop Vividha from going to meet Raghav. He tells her that Madhav is in trauma of getting kidnapped and facing problems at a little age. Vividha wants to meet Raghav for her own satisfaction and takes Ravish’s permission. She convinces Ravish. Vividha reaches Vashisht’s house and gets a big shock realizing Raghav and Gargi stay there.

Atharv surprises Guddi by showing the lovely and dazzling Holi celebrations. He dances with Guddi and celebrates happiness. Guddi thinks to inform Suman about Vividha coming to meet Atharv. Atharv does not let Guddi go away. There are many hits and misses between Vividha and Atharv. Finally, Vividha gets to see Atharv with Guddi, whom she assumes as Gargi. She does not know Gargi is her younger sister Guddi, who badly cheated her.

Guddi is cheating even Atharv, by having an affair with Chintu. Atharv does not know Guddi and Suman’s truth. Vividha breaks down on seeing Atharv and runs out of the house, shedding tears as memories start flashing in her mind. Atharv’s promises echo in her ears. Vividha feels Atharv cheated her. She heads back to Ajmer. She confides everything seen in Vashisht house with Ravish. Ravish comforts her and asks her not to hold any grudge against Atharv, as even they have moved on in life. Ravish wishes happiness for Atharv and themselves.


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