Shwetlana to spy on Chulbul in Dil Boley Oberoi


Tej tells Omkara that he won’t change his decision. He asks Omkara to read the legal papers. Shwetlana manages to get the photo from Buamaa. Omkara decides to check papers later. He rushes to Buamaa. He asks about photo. Buamaa tells Omkara that she has given the photo to Ramesh’s mother. Gauri says Ramesh stays alone. Buamaa tells Omkara that she did not see the lady, as she had big veil over her face. Shwetlana destroys the photo. Omkara tells Buamaa that the photo was very important for him.

Shwetlana tells Omkara that she had made a cake for him. She asks him to please have the cake. Omkara refuses. Shwetlana says I want to celebrate with Omkara, as I m very happy. She feeds the cake to Omkara and Chulbul. Shwetlana recalls making the cake by putting the shredded photo in it. Gauri sees the cut photo in it. Shwetlana stops Gauri from saying anything.

Shwetlana threatens Chulbul. She asks Chulbul why did he lie to her and not keep an eye on Omkara. She tells Gauri that she can do anything. Gauri thinks of some plan. She tells Shwetlana that she was acting to win Omkara’s trust to do her work. Shwetlana asks Chulbul why did he not get any info. Gauri makes excuses. Gauri says I have seen you in Panchgani and did not tell Omkara, because I m loyal to you. Shwetlana leaves. Gauri gets angry on Shwetlana. Shwetlana understands Chulbul is not so foolish. Gauri thinks to help Omkara in finding Shwetlana’s truth. Gauri tells Omkara that she has made the garments for Lord idol. She makes him do the aarti. She asks him to pray to Lord. Omkara gets a news about Shwetlana’s past, that would help him in knowing all secrets. Omkara happily hugs Gauri. Shwetlana starts spying on Chulbul.


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