Chandrakanta to confront Virendra’s feelings…


Chandrakanta falls in trouble again. She falls down a cliff. Virendra sees her and jumps after her to save her life. Virendra holds her and they both land down in the jungle. Chandrakanta and Virendra are together in the jungle. He is always with her to protect her from all problems. She gets worried for his wounds and tears her dupatta to tie to his wound. Virendra saves her life. She asks him why is he annoyed with her, why does he turn face away after saving her life. She says you have ashamed me in front of everyone when I trusted you. She asks him to answer why he acts rude to her.

She says everyone knows you lost to Shivdutt intentionally. He gets speechless. He thinks and clarifies saying he is an ordinary person and could not win to Shivdutt.

She says an ordinary person can’t fight with a tiger, any ordinary man can’t jump down a cliff to save someone else’s life, you are not any ordinary person, you could have easily won over Shivdutt. She asks him is there any other reason that he lost. She asks did you lose to insult me. She confronts him and asks him to answer. He gets angry and provoked to speak up. He admits that he has lost so that she stays away from him. They both are unable to say their right feelings to reach other and end up arguing.


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