Gopi’s new challenge for Ricky in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky makes home a disco. He invites all his friends and parties at home. Ricky uses the money given by Kokila. Gopi gets angry seeing the party going on. Jaggi scolds Ricky and asks him why is he making this a punishment for family. Ricky wants to enjoy his life. Gopi finds a way to teach lesson to Ricky. Gopi and Jaggi along with entire family, get dressed in Dandiya costumes.

Gopi and family play Dandiya in the party. Ricky gets angry and asks Gopi what’s this dance, its very easy. Gopi asks him to do Dandiya and if he wins, he can do anything. Gopi challenges Ricky for dance and insults Ricky. Ricky attempts to do Dandiya. Gopi makes Ricky fall and makes him lose. Ricky gets foot sprain by the fall. Gopi tries to explain Ricky. He does not listen to Gopi and Kokila, and leaves from there.


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