High Five Spoilers

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Shivani is caged. She cries and asks someone to help her. She is worried for her Mama. She wants to get out of the cage, but she is helpless. Jageer is torturing Shivani, as she has saved Rangeela from the death punishment. She gets to know that even her uncle will be punished. She shouts to them to get her out. Rangeela meets his mum. His mum does not like the house and asks him to take her back to Berahampur.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma does Shiv Aradhna. He is a big devotee of Shiv. Kanak and Uma have difference in thoughts. She has heard Uma defining a wife’s duties. She tells her friend that Uma is completely wrong. Uma is orthodox, but his principles are not wrong. The puja brings Kanak and Uma together. Uma’s many shades will be seen. Uma and Kanak miss to see each other. Their thinking are completely opposite. Kanak has modern mindset.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi comes to Dev’s house. She recalls the old memories by seeing her room. She thinks of the past wonderful moments, which she has spent with Dev. Its Sonakshi’s turn to stay in Dixit house. Sonakshi sits in the swing and gets emotional. Dev gets medicines for Suhana. He hands it over to Eleena. Sonakshi tells her mum that Suhana is ill. He sees Sonakshi on call and takes her phone back. He misunderstands Sonakshi and feels jealous thinking he is talking to some guy. She asks why did he snatch her phone. He asks her to admit, if she is failing to do a mother’s duty. He says you can tell me, I can take care of Suhana.


Chandrakanta is sad and thinks of her mum. She sits at the lakeside and weeps. She feels lonely. Virendra does not understand her emotions. Chandrakanta misses Virendra and does not know he is around. He hides behind the tree and hears Chandrakanta talking of him. He has come to her palace to workout his plan. He gets concerned for Chandrakanta and wishes to meet her, but he stops himself and focuses on his work. He thinks to use Chandrakanta to reach her Kaksh. He says I have failed because of her, and today you will become the reason of my success, I will meet you unwillingly. He goes to meet Chandrakanta.

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Devanshi and Vardaan try exposing Kusum Sundari’s plans. The tantric names Kattadhari in front of the village. Kusum Sundari gets her name cleared from the tantric matter. Devanshi and Kusum Sundari’s open war is still going on. Devanshi and Ishwar make a plan to get Kusum Sundari’s truth out. They get a big hurdle in their way, when Kusum Sundari announces about her dream project, the big temple in the city. Kusum Sundari stops Vardaan from selling the temple land, and starts her dream project by using the devotion of innocent people.


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