Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Aman’s entry happens in Dayavanti’s life. Dayavanti, Diksha and Riya are worried. Diksha argues over Shweta’s family. Dayavanti does not want to hear anything about Neil. She is much worried for Amol/Aman. Riya asks Dayavanti to call Neil back. She gets to know Aman has come back. She feels she will be losing her value in house, as Aman is Dayavanti’s favorite. Dayavanti showers love on Aman. Avni wants to know more of Aman. Aman is spoilt and over-pampered by Dayavanti. He has done wrong things and fallen in trouble. Dayavanti has saved him by clearing his loans. Aman is very close to Dayavanti. Dayavanti welcomes him home happily.


Gopi and Jaggi have come to the jungle to find Sita and Ricky. They fail to find Sita and Ricky. Gopi gets too worried. Jaggi gives her hope. Gopi feels their lives are in danger. They walk a lot and get tired. Even police helps them in the search. Ricky gets bitten by a poisonous snake. He falls unconscious. Sita takes Ricky on a cart and shouts for help. Gopi and Jaggi head to the temple to pray. They hear Sita shouting. They find Sita and Ricky. Sita faints by tiredness. Gopi and Jaggi get shocked seeing their state, and rush them for the aid.

Ek Aastha Aise Bhee:

Aastha and Shiv’s haldi rasam will be seen. Aastha wants to enjoy and dance. Shiv is upset. The kinners come and dance. They bless Aastha. Aastha touches their feet and takes blessings. Aastha feels all elders are equal, and people should be treated equally. She respects everyone. Aastha is very much different in her perception. Shiv’s lover Radhika comes there. She came to spoil the fun. She takes a dramatic entry. She does not want Shiv and Aastha’s marriage to happen. She is trying to break their bond and tries creating problems. Radhika does not want to lose Shiv.

Mere Angne Mein:
Raghav clears the misunderstanding growing in Kaushalya’s heart. Kaushalya realizes her mistake to doubt on Raghav’s loyalty. She feels bad and ashamed. She apologizes to Raghav, Shanti and Manorama. Shanti blames Kaushalya for ruining the house peace. Aarti tells them that she has no relation with Raghav. Shanti makes Kaushalya apologize to Aarti. Will they all make a new start?


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