Ricky’s truth to upset all in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi meets Ricky before the marriage and takes his consent again. Ricky fools her and tells her that he is very happy to marry Sita. Gopi is glad that Sita is finding a good match, and what could be better than making Sita her bahu. Sita gets dressed as bride, and has many hopes in eyes. Gopi takes Sita to the mandap, and waits for Ricky. On repeating calls, Ricky does not turn up. Gopi and family get worried and go to Ricky’s room to get him. They get shocked on not finding Ricky in the room. Gopi worries thinking of Sita waiting in the mandap for Ricky. Ricky has shown marriage dreams to Sita, and then refused to marry Sita.

Ricky insults Sita in front of all the guests. Gopi scolds Ricky and asks him to leave from her house. She raises hand to slap him, but he stops her. She asks him why did he come back if he did not have to marry Sita. Everyone was shocked by Ricky’s refusal. Kokila is much shocked as she was believing Ricky a lot. Ricky asks them why did they all take his joke so seriously, how could they think he will marry such an illiterate girl.

Gopi says you have kept the proposal in front of us. Ricky reminds her the 30 day challenge. He tells her that its last day of the challenge and maybe you have forgotten it, I have come back to tell your family that you are a loser. Bhavani asks Sita not to worry, she will call Ramesh to marry her. Sita tells Bhavani that she won’t marry anyone now. She asks Bhavani to leave. Sita is rejected by Ricky, who has hit on her self-esteem. Sita stays bold and takes a stand for herself. Ricky bids bye to everyone and leaves. How will Gopi change Ricky now? Keep reading.


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