Avni to learn Aman’s wicked side in Naamkarann


Avni gets emotional seeing Aman with Dayavanti and Riya. She thinks Aman can’t hurt anyone. She wants to meet him once and know about the accident. Avni recalls Aman’s birth and how she has raised him with love. She recalls the childhood memories and goes to meet Aman. Neil tries to find out about Avni and takes DD’s help. He asks DD to find out about the accident. Avni wonders if Aman will identify her as his elder sister. Avni spots Aman beating an old man for a small thing. She gets to see Aman’s horrible side. She gets stunned on finding Aman’s truth. She realizes Dayavanti has fed her bad values in Aman. She runs away from there. Aman doubts someone was there and runs to see. He gets to know Riya’s friend Ananya was present there. Diksha spots Avni leaving. Dayavanti try to find Neil, and wonder where did he go after accident. Avni comes home and worries thinking of Aman.

Neil tells Avni about the polygraph machine. She asks him why did he set this up in her house. Neil tells her that he got this machine to test if she is lying. She does not want any test to be done. Neil asks her to go ahead for the test and tell details about the accident. He asks her why is she scared if she has nothing to hide. He challenges her to go for the lie detector test. Avni agrees to him.

Neil tests her by asking questions. She answers confidently. Diksha reaches her house by following her. Avni tells Neil that she did not take Riya and his pictures. Neil trusts her. He asks her the name of the person who did his accident. She admits that she is trying to save someone and lied to him. She stops the machine.

Diksha sees Neil and Avni together, and clicks their pictures. Neil tells Avni that he will find out the person. Diksha calls Riya to inform about Neil. Riya does not listen to her. Neil warns Avni to stop supporting wrong person, which may result in something bad.

Neil calls back Riya and gives his welfare. He tells her about the accident. Aman hears Riya and Neil’s conversation. Riya sympathizes with Neil. Aman asks Riya about Neil. Riya tells him that Neil is fine. He asks about Ananya. Riya says she is my friend. He thinks to meet Ananya/Avni and stop her from telling Neil about him. Ananya pledges to change Aman.


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