Sharda’s defamation plan next in Swabhimaan


Meghna and Naina celebrate to welcome their victory. Both the couples give best wishes to each other. Meghna and Kunal win the best couple competition. They cut a cake along with everyone. Dada ji makes the moment special for them. He is glad that the trophy has come back. He has given a small party to Meghna and Kunal. They get to see a shocking news on tv. The reporter tells about a man throwing black colour on Sharda’s face and the people throwing stones at Sharda’s house. They show the photos of Sharda and minister.

Meghna and Naina’s happiness turn into tension and sorrow. Nandkishore taunts Meghna and Naina and asks if Sharda told them about her relation with minister. He embarrasses them. Meghna and Naina cry seeing Sharda with black color on face. Dada ji supports Meghna and Naina, and asks them not to worry. He says we are with Sharda, we will face all this together. He arranges a car for them, and asks them to go to Sharda, who needs them a lot. Meghna and Naina take Dada ji’s blessings and leave to meet Sharda.


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