TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik was happy to come home and was waiting for Naira’s Grahpravesh. Naira and Kartik were happy since the morning, to go back to Goenka family. Kartik went to factory and came home. He does not see Naira and thinks she has hidden somewhere and giving him a surprise. He sees the family at the door and waiting for him. He asks is Naira planning a special welcome. The family gets worried and thinks what to tell him. Naksh tells Kartik that Aditya told Naira about Mansi responsible for Akshara’s death. He says Naira has left from home. Kartik gets shocked and beats up Aditya. Everyone stop him.

Shakti: Soumya has lost her son Adi. Soumya and Harman look for Adi. Soumya is worried. Preeto is behind all this. She has got Adi in orphanage. She gives Adi to a NRI couple and pays them money, asking them to take the baby away. Harman and Soumya get to know this and come to orphanage. The orphanage manager keeps many conditions in front of Harman and Soumya. The man asks Soumya if she is a kinner, if yes then, she will not get any right to raise a child. Soumya feels helpless.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Tina is getting engaged. Bani makes her eat a drugged laddoo. Tina dances in drunken state. She makes everyone dance with her, and embarrasses everyone. She slaps her would be mum in law while dancing. Kosi provokes the groom’s family and says if Tina is doing this now, she will make you all out of home after marriage, what will people say, Thapki is teaching all this to Tina. She asks them to get the guy married somewhere else. Bani manages the matter and Samar’s mum does not break the relation. Samar’s mum says we will get related only in this house. Bani realizes she can’t break Tina’s alliance. Tina and Samar get engaged.

Dil Boley Oberoi: Tej throws a party to celebrate his big deal with Kaali Thakur. It’s a day of success for Tej, while it’s a day of tension for Omkara. Omkara and Gauri are worried and keep an eye on Kaali Thakur. Kaali Thakur has got dangerous surprises for Omkara and Gauri. Shwetlana performs in the party. Gauri, dressed as Chulbul, worries that if Kaali Thakur catches her, he will take her back to Bareilly. Shwetlana eyes Kaali Thakur, knowing he is a rich guy. Kaali Thakur looks for Gauri in the party. He tells Tej that he has come to take something dear and valuable. Kaali Thakur and Omkara get into an argument.

Neil and Avni reach a village. Neil and Avni cook food on a traditional stove. Avni gets Neil coincidentally on her journey. They have to rescue Neela.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Gitanjali exposes Choti Maa’s truth in front of Rishabh. She says I m not mad, she has made all of us mad, Radheshyam kept knife at her neck, and did not kill her, as they are together, Choti Maa is the murderer of Abhimanyu. She says Priyam was attacked by Choti Maa, she has killed Gopal and even attempted to kill me. Everyone thinks Gitanjali is imagining things. Gitanjali says I m not imagining things, I can prove its true. She asks Rishabh to come with her and see the door. She fails to prove Choti Maa wrong and locks herself in the room being dejected.


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