Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kunal and Karan manage the kitchen and impress Sharda. They prepare the fruit juice. Kunal praises himself and tells Sharda that even Meghna can’t make better fruit juice than him. Kunal and Karan lift Sharda’s mood by cheering her up. Kunal asks Sharda to have juice, did she not like it. They succeed in making Sharda smile. Kuanl and Karan believe Sharda, that she did not do anything wrong. They are sad for whatever happened with Sharda. Kunal tells Sharda that he is her son and will always stand by her. Sharda is glad seeing her daughters happy, with such good life partners.


Shivangi gets her Naagin powers back, while she is in jail. She reaches home to stop Sesha and Rocky’s marriage. Sesha teaches a lesson to the snake charmer and tells how a Naagin gets her love by any way. She kills the snake charmer. Shivangi and Sesha’s mega fight will be seen for their love Rocky.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali is getting flowed in the glamor world. Anjali crosses the limits. Simar and Vikram get shocked seeing Anjali with a guy. Simar raises hand on Anjali. Anjali stops Simar and pushes her away. Vikram asks Anjali what’s her bad behavior. Anjali scolds Simar and Vikram. Vikram gets annoyed with Anjali’s behavior. Simar argues with Anjali. Anjali insults Simar. Anjali wants to win beauty pageant by any way. She understands Sam’s intentions are bad and did not wish to refuse him straight. She was trying to handle him smartly so that she gets the contract.


Chakor and Suraj’s relation is beginning, while Vivaan ends all his ties with Imli. He drags Imli to the village and leaves her to her parents’ house. Vivaan asks Imli to come with him. He says everyone should know what’s Imli’s truth. Vivaan tells the complete matter to Bhuvan and Kasturi, which shocks them. Bhuvan gets angry on Suraj and asks him why did he do this. He blames Suraj for all this and scolds Imli and Suraj. Bhuvan and Kasturi are not supporting Imli, and ask her to leave from the house. Imli shouts that Vivaan is the father of her child. Bhuvan is hurt by Imli’s doings and asks her to find any other house. Imli shouts to defend herself. Imli cries seeing her parents not trusting her. Kasturi does not believe Imli and slaps her. Imli asks Bhuvan to believe her. They all believe Vivaan after seeing the reports.


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