Kusum Sundari and Mohan to team up again in Devanshi


Devanshi is getting engaged with Vardaan. Kusum Sundari blesses the couple. She does their aarti and applies mehendi to Devanshi. Kusum Sundari and Mohan have a plan in their mind. Devanshi and Vardaan are happy together. Devanshi gets doubtful seeing Kusum Sundari applying mehendi and doing her aarti. Vardaan gets Devanshi’s name written in his hand and shows it to Devanshi. They have a cute argument. She is glad seeing his love. Kusum Sundari tries to spoil Vardaan’s mehendi to erase Devanshi’s name.

Kusum Sundari holds aarti plate close to Vardaan and burns his hand. She tells Vardaan that its big abshagun, and this means Devanshi’s life will be in risk. Vardaan gets upset and leaves from the function. Kusum Sundari does not want Devanshi to become her bahu. She uses the situation and irritates Vardaan. Kusum Sundari will create more hurdles in the marriage functions. Devanshi scolds Mohan. Mohan starts his drama and asks Devanshi to kill him and make him rid of all the crimes he committed. Devanshi knows Mohan is with Kusum Sundari. She keeps an eye on Mohan and wants to secure Vardaan’s life, knowing Vardaan is not Kusum Sundari’s own son. Devanshi knows Kusum Sundari and Kattadhari planned to kill Vardaan before. She fears Mohan is after Vardaan’s life. How will Devanshi save Vardaan from the evil duo? Keep reading.


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