Ragini instigates Vivaan against Suraj in Udaan


Vivaan erases Imli’s memories from his room. He throws away all of Imli’s belongings. He does not want to see Imli’s photo. He sees Imli everywhere. He does not want Imli around. Imli’s memories are not leaving from his heart. Vivaan is frustrated and dying every moment seeing Imli’s memories around him. He asks Imli to leave from his life, as he hates her for her deceive. He wants to forget Imli. He is mistaken that Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Ragini sees Vivaan shattered. She adds fuel in the fire and provokes him more, asking him to take revenge from Suraj. She says Suraj cheated you, its time to show them that Vivaan is not a weak person, but he is smart and sensible man who has power in his hands and can do miracle. She says this is the right time to show your power.

Vivaan gets convinced by Ragini and declares that he will take revenge from Suraj. He says a new Vivaan will be seen by them now, I will have much money and power in hands, and anyone will think thousand times before cheating me now, no one will find me weak and helpless. Vivaan is not ready to trust Chakor and Suraj. Suraj tells Vivaan that since Chakor came in his life, he did not see anyone and did not think of any girl. He asks Vivaan to decide to believe him or not. Chakor is trying to save Suraj’s name from the blame. Vivaan tells Chakor that she will also get cheated soon by Suraj and warns her to get prepared. Chakor worries and asks Suraj why is Vivaan mistaken and blaming you so much, what evidence does Vivaan have. Suraj explains Chakor that he has no relation with Imli.


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