Shivay gets close to find Anika’s roots in Ishqbaaaz


Pinky follows Shivay to the orphanage. Shivay tries to get Anika’s records. Shivay insists to check the records once, as it’s about his wife. The lady refuses to help him out. Anika waits to meet the doctor. Shivay buys the orphanage to get information about Anika. The lady says you will get any info you demand now. She gives him the papers about Anika’s roots. Shivay gains courage to check Anika’s background, even then it does not matter to him. Pinky also wants to know Anika’s background. Shivay checks the papers, and gets to know Anika belongs to industrialist Bajaj. Pinky gets a big shock knowing Anika belongs to a big family. Shivay is glad knowing his wife is from a good family. He thinks to go home and share this news with Anika.

Shivay tries to understand why did Bajaj drop Anika to orphanage, is she his illegitimate daughter. Pinky feels she can’t make Anika away from Shivay’s life now. Shivay comes home happily. Pinky asks him where did he go. Shivay hugs Pinky and thanks her for solving his problem. He says I thought you kept the puja to insult Anika, I would have not known Anika is from a big family. He says my mind knows her background now, a burden is relieved in my mind, it got possible because you instigated me to find this, I will meet Bajaj and then tell this news to Anika myself.

Shivay meets Bajaj and reminds him about leaving a little girl to orphanage. Bajaj says she was not from my family. He tells about finding two girls at the temple in poor state, and dropping them to the orphanage. Shivay gets disheartened knowing about her and leaves from there. Pinky thanks Bajaj for telling the truth to Shivay. Pinky decides to do anything to make Anika out of Shivay’s life. Shivay’s love for Anika gets more strong.


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