Jaggi regrets to live in helpless state in Saathiya


Jaggi is angry on himself, as he is not able to walk and do anything. Jaggi falls down. Gopi comes to see him. Jaggi hits on his legs angrily. He thinks why am I not feeling any pain. He says I was not able to help kids when they needed me, why am I alive in this state. He gets frustrated by his helplessness. He has become a sad soul. Gopi gets a shock and stops him. Jaggi asks him to leave her hand and hits himself to give him pain.

Gopi can’t see Jaggi hurting himself. She pulls the Dandiya stick, and gets hurt. Jaggi’s temper cools down seeing her hurt. Jaggi applies ointment to Gopi’s wound. He apologizes to Gopi for unknowingly hurting her. Whenever Gopi gets hurt, Jaggi is by her side. This time, Gopi sees his concern and cries. Gopi feels his pain of becoming immobile. He regrets that he has become handicapped. Gopi and Jaggi’s love story is seen in a different way.


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