Kunal and Meghna’s romance returns in Swabhimaan


Kunal arranges a romantic date for Meghna. Meghna gets emotional seeing his love. Kunal surprises Meghna in a cute way. He thinks of grand things, but seeing the things available around, he plans an innovative welcome. Meghna happily cries. Kunal asks her how did tears come in her eyes, he never knew she is so emotional. He says I just know you have much anger in you, wipe your tears now. He says I planned to give you a red carpet welcome, but did not have the carpet around. He lifts Meghna and gives her a magical hug. He says I m stupid as I thought I love you more, but truth is you love me more.

Meghna gets de-stressed seeing Kunal’s surprise. Kunal makes her happy after getting Meghna home from jail. Meghna hugs Kunal and cries because of her guilt. She apologizes to him. On the other hand, Naina comes from bath and pats her hair to dry. Water falls over Karan’s face. He shouts shouting on Naina. Karan asks Naina what is she doing, she should be in limits of friendship, she can’t joke always. She gets serious. Karan laughs pulling her leg and asks her how can she get so scared. Naina sees Karan acting to scold her and laughing. Naina and Karan name Karan’s music classes.


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