Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Saathiya: Jaggi is angry on himself, as he is not able to walk and do anything. Jaggi falls down. Gopi comes to see him. Jaggi hits on his legs angrily. He thinks why am I not feeling any pain. He says I was not able to help kids when they needed me, why am I alive in this state. He gets frustrated by his helplessness. He has become a sad soul. Gopi gets a shock and stops him. Jaggi asks him to leave her hand and hits himself to give him pain.


Aman plays his move to take revenge from Avni. Avni and Neela gets attacked by chemical gas. Avni and Neela cough and stop their breath to get saved from the poisonous gas. Neil comes to save Avni. DD informs Neil about the blast in Avni’s house. Neil checks who is trapped inside. Neil gets to know Avni and Neela are trapped inside the house. He gets fire brigade and police team there, to find Avni and Neela and rescue them. Neil tells Avni about his past and girlfriend Juhi. Neil will be opening up about his past. Will Avni trust him and share her past?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Dadi has swapped Suhani’s baby. Dadi gets emotional seeing the photos of Yuvraaj’s childhood. Everyone sees the photos and show Dadi. Suhani got her real child home. Dadi was being away as the baby is dark. Suhani tries to make Dadi realize that baby be fair or dark, baby is of Yuvraaj. Dadi emotionally takes the baby in lap. Will Suhani change Dadi’s perception?

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika dreams of Piyush. Piyush really comes to her room by her balcony window. Dipika wonders if she is still dreaming, did he come to say I love you. She checks him by touch and realizes he has really come. She gets glad and asks him to hold window well. Piyush is drunk and tells her to go to her family and tell them that she does not love him. He falls down the balcony. Dipika runs to see him. Dipika does not understand what he means to say. He tries to tell her that he does not love her. But someone interrupts him. Dipika thinks he is confessing his love.


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