Piyush chooses death over Kaal’s terror in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush left from home as Kaal. Piyush needed some place to stay, and went to Anjali’s house. He reacts normal as Piyush, and takes Vikram’s support. Vikram feels Piyush’s behavior weird, and tells Anjali that he should take Piyush home. Piyush then returns home, which surprises everyone. Anjali and Vikram get Piyush home. Piyush asks Simar what’s the matter, why are they all seeing him this way.

Pari asks Simar how can they allow Piyush, will they risk their lives. Mata ji asks how can they say this. Khushi says Pari is right, Piyush is Kaal. Piyush’s life was spared in childhood, when Simar took him and left from home, but now Piyush has turned harmful for everyone. Simar wants to take Riddhima’s help. She asks them to do any mantra tantra but get her son back. Simar determines to reveal everything to Piyush. Piyush asks them to tell the matter, how he reached Anjali’s place.

Simar tells Kaal’s truth to Piyush. Piyush gets shocked knowing he has killed Roshni’s dad Sumit. He gets guilty and recalls Sumit, who raised him along with Simar. He asks Simar to better kill him, if he is hurting his family members. He says Kaal will die along with me. Simar can’t sacrifice Piyush’s life and wants to do anything to get Kaal out of him.


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