Ricky’s new drama angers Modis in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

sns ricky

Ricky creates a new drama. He insults Kokila by offering her wine. Ricky gets wine bottles home. Kokila throws the wine on his face. Kokila says I tried to change you, but you did not change even a bit, you are a shameless spoilt brat, I permitted you to stay here, you have to obey some rules to stay with us, you said yes before, but how could you do such a cheap thing. She raises hand on Ricky.

Nanny comes in between and holds Kokila’s hand to stop her. Nanny apologizes to Kokila and says I m sorry on his behalf, I will explain him, he will not do this again. Gopi sees them and gets disappointed with Ricky. She asks Kokila to come with her. Nanny tries to explain Ricky. Ricky gets drunk and acts weird. Nanny pours water on him and gets him to senses. She supports Ricky, and will not do anything to show him right path.


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