Chakor to learn the reason behind Bhaiya ji’s madness in Udaan


Chakor gets to know Vivaan and Ragini are making Kamal Narayan mad by giving him injections. Chakor enters the room when Vivaan is giving injection to Bhaiya ji. She is much shocked seeing Vivaan and Ragini doing so wrong in greed. Ragini has started this evil, but when Vivaan knew this, he also supported Ragini and started giving the injections to Bhaiya ji. Chakor realizes Bhaiya ji has gone mad by the wrong medicines.

Vivaan is impressed with Ragini, when she has given him the throne. Very soon, Ragini’s truth to control Vivaan by emotionally breaking down will be known. Chakor will expose Ragini’s wicked move to lie to Vivaan about his impotency. Vivaan will be shocked knowing Ragini’s move. Bhaiya ji will be getting better by Chakor’s efforts.


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