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Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni and Bittu come to Amritkhet. She wants to find out if Bau ji is involved in Tau ji’s murder. She makes excuse of picnic and leaves from the house. Munni falls in trouble, when a ladder falls over her. Bittu saves her. They both get a moment of romance again. She stops him from stepping on a snake. Munni has feelings for Bittu and is not telling him anything. They fall in another mystery. They see Bittu and Munni written with blood on the bungalow. He sees their names written on every house in the village.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Vikram and Anjali got separated. Anjali has got all his property. She keeps a party at home. Anjali thinks she is the owner of the house and wants to celebrate her freedom. She welcomes her guest. She is enjoying everything. She misses Vikram and feels lonely. She does not accept that she is missing Vikram. She sees the couples dancing. She gets sad. Her friend asks about Vikram. She compliments Anjali and Vikram’s pairing. Anjali makes an excuse that Vikram is away for some work. She dances alone.


Virendra’s Rajya abhishek happens after a puja. Virendra does the aarti. Chandrakanta and her dad attend the ceremony. Chandrakanta and Virendra go away to make a mannat. Chandrakanta’s dad wants them to get married. He talks to their alliance to Virendra’s parents. Virendra’s mum also wanted Virendra and Chandrakanta to unite, but Virendra’s dad disapproves this relation. He is helpless and Virendra’s relation has happened with princess Taramati many years ago. He says I m bounded by this promise. He apologizes for rejecting Chandrakanta’s proposal.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Dadi gets the chakki for Shorvori, asking her to rotate Chakki and use it, its good exercise for pregnant women. Shorvori and Teni rotate the Chakki. Teni says it won’t be useful for baby, will baby rotate inside the womb. Teni does not like the work. She asks baby to see how much his parents are making her work before his birth. Parth tells her that baby’s growth happens well and baby’s delivery happens with ease by this Chakki exercise.


Bhavani has kidnapped Meera. She threatens Vidya that she will kill Meera. Bhavani and Sameera are making dangerous plans for Meera and Gopi. Vidya gets shouting and wants to know about Meera. Meera shouts to Vidya, but her voice can’t reach the family. Vidya tells Dharam that she has a proof, that Bhavani has disappeared Meera. Bhavani apologizes to Dharam for saying against Meera in anger. She says I can’t even think of doing wrong with Meera. Dharam believes Bhavani.


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