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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Dev has got ready for his second marriage. He tells Ishwari that he is ready to move on and remarry. Ishwari gets worried. Dev has taken the decision to remarry to give happiness to Ishwari and Suhana. He says your happiness matters to me, I know I have to take a step by thinking of others, I just can’t think of myself always, this time I want happiness forever. He is ready to marry Payal. Ishwari is not happy.


Neil and his family do a proper Grah pravesh of Avni. Avni stumbles after hitting the kalash. Avni gets a foot sprain. Neil lifts Avni and takes her inside the house in a filmi way. Avni and Neil have a sweet argument. She asks him what does he think of himself. Neil says I think I m a dashing policeman. He acts romantic. Avni gets speechless. Neil asks her to cook food as per the rituals. Avni is angry and does not want to do rituals as his wife.


Meghna gets a slap by Sharda. Sharda is ashamed and angry. She asks Meghna is it true what she has heard. Nandkishore has played this game and made Sharda against Meghna. Sharda was always proud of Meghna. Sharda got to know that Meghna made Naina out of Karan’s room and separated them. Nandkishore tells Sharda that Meghna and Naina are breaking their house. He wants to show down Sharda and presents the matter in wrong way. Sharda does not know Karan’s allergy truth.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

By Ishita’s belief in Roshni, Raman reaches Khandpur to know the matter. Raman, Mihika and Bala find out that Roshni and her sister are abducted by the village goon Gagan. Raman finds Roshni and attempts to get her freed. Gagan confronts Raman and calls his goons to stop him. Gagan tells Raman that he will show him what’s a real man, he will not leave him today. Gagan throws his pistol and asks Raman to fight with him. He thinks Raman is weak. Bala comes to support Raman. Raman will be seen as the angry young man after a long time. Raman beats up Gagan and his goons.


Ricky and Sameera’s drama are never ending. They make a new plan to prove Sita is a liar. Sameera tells Kokila that she will do the jaap in the temple to become their ideal bahu. Kokila was also doing the jaap along with Sameera. Sameera was fooling them by touching their feet and paying respect. They all know Sameera is acting to impress them. Sameera does the jaap and then makes excuse that she will go to her room and continue the jaap for her comfort. Kokila asks her to go if she wants. Sameera heads to her room.


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