New entry to muster jealousy and suspense in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi feeds the sweets to Dadi and permits her to open her dance academy. Dadi is still upset. She does not want Goenka bahu to dance. Naira feels Dadi’s annoyance. Kartik asks Naira not to worry and sends her to Singhania house for her dance practice.

Naira is working hard to open a dance academy and fulfill Akshara’s dream. She has to take part in a competition and show her talents in the couple dance round initially. Her friend Kiran from Rishikesh joins her. Naira and Kiran dance and rehearse for the competition. Naira is working hard and is hopeful that she will win the competition. Kartik leaves his work to meet Naira. Kartik comes to Singhania house. Kartik sees Naira and the guy performing on a romantic song. Kartik waits till Naira gets free. He does not like the sight. Naira’s dance partner has come as the new problem between them. Kartik does not doubt on Naira. He was thinking whom will Naira dance with. Seeing someone close to Naira, Kartik feels bad. Naira sees Kartik and runs to hug him. He gives her red roses and surprises her. Kartik gets jealous seeing Kiran and Naira’s friendship. Naira introduces her friend to Kartik. Everyone is supporting Naira.

Naira does not feel anything odd. She tells Kartik that Kiran has come to help her, now they will win the dance round by their good chemistry. She says it’s a miracle, my coordinator also chose Kiran. Naira would be winning in the competition. Meanwhile, Surekha gets to know Lav and Kush are suspended from school for beating a student. Surekha has blind trust on her sons, that they can never beat anyone. Suwarna advises Surekha on managing children well. Surekha taunts Suwarna about raising the children. Suwarna goes to her room and checks some old toys. Suwarna is upset and misses her son. She sees a little baby doll and sheds tears. Suwarna’s son will soon enter the show.


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