Abhi-Pragya’s kidnapping fun in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya and Abhi are caught by Aaliya. A goon takes selfie with Abhi as his wife is Abhi’s great fan. Abhi gets to see Pragya behind. The track brings humor and usual arguments of Pragya and Abhi. They still have sweet moments. Abhi’s hunger calms by the imaginary food fed by Pragya. They romance without caring where they are. Pragya tells Abhi about the goons who keep an eye on her always, so it was tough to run away. She asks him to find some good plan to run away.

Abhi asks her if she was in military before. She says I was a teacher before. She sees the door locked. She tries to free Abhi by stealing the keys from the goons. Abhi asks her did she want to become heroine by saving him. She says no, I got time to find the stick and beat up goons. Abhi asks her not to beat him, if he has come late to save her. Pragya opens the rope and frees him. They have a nok jhok. Aaliya and Nikhil do not know that Abhi and Pragya are together. Nikhil thinks to catch Pragya back by using Abhi. The kidnapping drama is going on. Abhi and Pragya’s cute romantic moments will be seen.


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