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Ghulaam:Veer stops pandit from going to Rangeela’s place. Rangeela says pandit ji promised me he will come, but I knew Veer will do something to stop the pandit. Shivani asks Rangeela who will get the marriage rituals done. Rangeela asks Tiwari ji to change clothes and come to do pandit’s work. Tiwari helps the couple and does the pandit’s duty. Rangeela is happy that his friend got finally married. Veer cuts the power line to stop the marriage. Rangeela arranged the generator and asks his friend to put the search light towards their house.


After Neil and Avni’s confrontation, Neil gets Avni home. Prakash welcomes them home. He is happy that Neil and Avni are making a new start. Bebe and Shweta are upset. They get scold Avni for running away from home. They both do not forgive Avni. Avni apologizes to them. Avni gets Prakash and Neil’s support. Prakash tells Neil how Shweta and he got married. He says Shweta was going to marry my best friend Veer, but Veer died in a car accident just before the marriage. Shweta was broken completely, she was a nice girl, so I held her hand and married her. He tells Neil that Bebe did not accept Shweta till now.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Vikram is acting to marry to bring Anjali on right path. He wants to save his first marriage. He has taken his life’s tough decision just for Anjali. He is marrying Tanvi. Tai ji is happy for him. He wants Anjali to change and this is his last try. Things are different for him. He is doing this to get Anjali’s love. Tanvi does not turn up. Vikram thinks Tanvi is not ready to help him. Tanvi comes to help Vikram and wants Anjali to know how much Vikram loves Anjali. Vikram respects Tanvi a lot, since she has always helped his family. He gets surprised seeing Tanvi in bridal getup.


Meghna thought to do good for Naina. She was keeping Naina away from Karan, so that Karan’s allergy does not affect Naina. Nandkishore had made a big issue out of Meghna’s step. He ordered Sharda to take her daughters and leave. Naina finds a solution and decides to leave the house. Even Karan wanted the same. Naina tells Meghna that she is leaving from the city. Meghna tries to stop Naina. She asks Naina to come back home and stay with her. Sharda tells Kunal that Meghna gets anger soon and also tears. She says Meghna is very emotional, Kunal has to take care of her. Sharda and Naina ask Meghna to stay happy with Kunal.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Bittu comes to meet Munni. He gets to know the truth of Bau ji’s past and Amritkhet’s mystery. He has to tell everything to Munni. Munni did not know the past, why is Bau ji such cruel. Munni’s Bau ji’s truth comes out. Bittu gets to know Bau ji has reached them. They hide and leave for home. He wants to drop Munni safely home. Bittu is upset as Munni refused to his love proposal. Bittu still does his duty as a helpful friend.


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